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Atomic Shift MNC 13 19/20 Fixações De Ski

EUR 329,95
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Length: 100mm
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The Shift MNC bindings for touring and freeride skiing is something new in the industry. Atomic has built a pintech touring binding with built-in DIN-freeride heel and toe-pieces. It is all combined in smooth looking and powerful bindings called the Shift MNC.

Simple to use and with lightweight properties they will be your preferred bindings if you like uphill backcountry touring with powerful and precise downhill skiing with DIN-release functionality. The bindings are designed for you to have a low stand height for better feel and power-transfer.

MNC stands for Multi Norm Certified and are TÜV approved bindings system that fits every normed boot in the market - Touring boots, Pintech boots and Walk-To-Ride boots.

The Shift MNC bindings are crampon compatible.

Brake width:

  • 90mm (ski waist width recommended 60 - 86mm)
  • 100mm (ski waist width recommended 70 - 96mm)
  • 110mm (ski waist width recommended 80-106mm)


  • Self-retracting brakes
  • Hike and Ride Switch
  • Easy Step-in
Largura do braço do travão:
90mm, 100mm
DIN Setting:
6.0 - 13.0
Boot Type:
Touring Ski Boots(ISO 9523), GripWalk Outer Soles, Pintech Touring boot
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Vera happa happa! A no problema essept far da pacagin wich was vary damiged....price cannotta bin beet dough!!
Brendan Claflin (Erie)
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