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G13 CHR 125mm Rodas Patins

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The Matter G13 wheel has been one of the best wheels in terms of performance-driven design and functionality. Being one the preferred wheels by many Grand Prix level skaters it will surely cover the needs of most skaters.

The PU formula is in a league of its own. And for this season the Matter wheels have been further developed with the addition of their CHR core. It is a nylon core with a flexible design that will help you maximize and perfect each individual stride in order to make the most of your training or competitive skating.

ModeloDureza da roda
125mm - F0F0
125mm - F1F1
125mm - F2F2
Diâmetro da roda:
Não incluído
Material do núcleo:
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Comentários/Resenhas   (2)
These wheels are incredible and make riding incredibly fun, ecspecially over long distances. Did 26 miles the other day and compared to my harder 88a wheels it was like night and day.
John S. (Palo Alto)
Avaliação: 5 de 5!
These wheels are durable and fast. Quick delivery. Very happy with my purchase.
Wilfred V. (Gainesville)
Avaliação: 5 de 5!