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Undercover Rodas

Undercover Grindrocks II Aggressive Grind Wheel

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Estabiliza os seus grinds para maior controlo. Funciona sem rolamentos. Os Grindrocks são feitos de material fluido muito forte e rápido. Perfeito para evitar interrupções durante o grind.

1 roda por pacote + 2 conjuntos de espaçadores

Diâmetro da roda:
Rodas por conjunto:
Material do núcleo:
Rolamentos e Espaçadores:
Somente espaçadores incluídos, Não precisa de rolamentos
Comentários/Resenhas   (15)
They Didn’t arrive 😡
Emily Lovell (Bristol)
Avaliação: 1 de 5!
Resposta de SkatePro:  Hi Emily,

I am so sorry to hear it. 😟

However, it shows that the parcel has been delivered on 18/03.

To solve this issue I sent you an email, please check your mail. 😊

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thought I was buying 4 not sure why anyone would need to buy just one
R. davies (Hereford)
Avaliação: 2 de 5!
Resposta de SkatePro:  Hi Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review.
I am sorry about the confusion. The picture illustrates 1 wheel. If we sell a set, we make sure to have a picture of more wheels. Also, there is a dropdown menu for choosing the exact amount of wheels you can order.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Fast delivery BUT antirockers are sold individually. Thus, I am really happy with my monoantiocker!!!
DUFOUR Florent (Massy)
Avaliação: 1 de 5!
Resposta de SkatePro:  Hello Florent, I am glad you were happy with your order 😊 The photos shown on our product pages are the items you will receive at home. I am sorry if this wasn't made clear enough when you ordered with us! We hope you are enjoying your skates 🤙
quick delivery, watch the counter in the bottom when ordering or you can just order one!
Lee Garrett (aldershot)
Avaliação: 4 de 5!
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