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Patins Powerslide

Powerslide Travão Patins Universal

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A brake system that fits most inline skates with a curved shape to the frame. Made in durable material with reinforced sidepanels and with width adjustable option. Therefor this system fits a very wide range of skates - Even from other manufacturers.

  • Fits frames with wheel sizes up to 100mm
  • 2x 30mm x 8mm axles included

Notice: Does not fit all threaded axle frames. Since the thread can be different between brands.

Extra brakepad sold separately here: Powerslide rubberpad

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Comentários/Resenhas   (48)
Quick shipping and item easy to install
Cecily Salinas (New York)
Avaliação: 5 de 5!
Sorry to say the brake we ordered didn’t fit so we’re returning it. The package arrived complete.
Tina B. (Bromley)
Avaliação: 4 de 5!
I bought the wrong brake but it was also missing screws. I don’t think this was skatepro’s fault as I believe it was customs.
Lexi Echols (Kennesaw)
Avaliação: 3 de 5!
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